Bundu Booze Box complete with Inserts


Protect your favourite tipple during bumpy overland drives with our exclusive Gourmandium Bundu Booze Box consisting of the Ammo Case and our Bundu Inserts.

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Product Description

At iqudu we love nothing more than taking some of our favourite drinks on a proper African safari. There is nothing better than enjoying a fine African sunset or gazing at the Milky Way with a top-notch bottle of your favourite tipple.

But (from experience!) there is nothing worse than finding your bottles broken en route due to unforgiving potholed roads. So we have developed a unique polyethylene foam insert specifically designed to fit the popular stackable Ammo Cases. The case stores & protects TEN 750ml glass bottles to ensure your tipple gets to your destination safely, no matter what the road conditions are.

The polyethylene foam is strong, non-toxic, has excellent shock absorption characteristics and provides excellent insulation against the hot African sun as an added bonus. The complete Gourmandium Bundu Booze Box contains a standard, durable and stackable Ammo Case and polyethylene foam insert for up to ten bottles.

The Bundu Box Ammo Case is made from durable plastic with special lids that fit neatly into the base of the box above it, making them the most popular choice for Safari Overlanders due to its compact and stackable design.

Dimensions: 510mm (20.1″) L x 400mm (15.8″) W x 230mm (9.1″) H

Weight: 3.20kg

Capacity: Ten 750ml glass bottles

Additional Information

Weight 7.00 kg
Dimensions 51 x 40 x 230 cm


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